Presentation Of Lusca Theophilus And Bernadette Theophilus Scholarships

On Thursday, September 08, 2016, Financial Investment and Consultancy Services Limited will award the Lusca Theophilus and Bernadette Theophilus Scholarships to Ms Essi Valcin and Ms Kimani Theophane, respectively.

Ms Essi Valcin of Reunion, Choiseul was selected for the Lusca Theophilus Scholarship, which is awarded to the most outstanding Choiseul Secondary student based on performance in the CXC Examination.  She gained Grade I passes in ten subjects namely Biology, Chemistry, English A, English B, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Principles of Accounts, Social Studies and Theatre Arts.

Ms Kimani Theophane of Caffiere, Choiseul was selected for the Bernadette Theophilus Scholarship, which is intended for students from the Caffiere area.  She gained one Grade I pass in Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Grade II passes in English A, English B, Office Administration, Principles of Business and Social Studies. Ms Theophane also received one Grade III pass in Human and Social Biology.

In addition, the two awardees from the previous year, will be receiving a cheque for the second year of their studies.  Ms Nelcia Charlemagne and Ms Sasha Annius will be commencing their second year at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College after successful completion of their first year of studies.

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