Financial Investment and Consultancy Services Limited (FICS) was incorporated in November 1991 and opened its doors to the public on February 24, 1992.  FICS is a diversified finance company that emphasizes the provision of credit and financial services to individuals and corporations.  The company is a non-bank financial entity that is legally authorized to accept deposits from the public.  FICS’s operations are governed by the Banking Act of 2008, the Regulations and Guidelines of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), as well as the ECCB Agreement 1983 and the Companies Act 1996.

FICS was established by Mr George Theophilus and Mrs Lusca Theophilus in 1992 with initial equity of $140,000.  FICS has grown considerably and now has an asset base of $160m.

FICS is a sound, financially strong and technically efficient business that is:

  • highly diversified in the financial services it offers to the public
  • competitive in pricing its financial services
  • dynamic in its responses to changes in the financial and economic environment and
  • responsive to the social needs and concerns of St Lucians

FICS’s mission is to:

  • broaden the range of financial services and choices available to the St Lucian public
  • offer financial advisory and consultancy services to the public
  • pursue the interest of its shareholders while endeavouring to provide services at reasonable and affordable cost to the St Lucian public
  • encourage St Lucians to be discriminating and discerning in the investment, use and deployment of their savings and
  • serve as a good and responsible corporate citizen participating in efforts toward youth development and the alleviation of social ills

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